a. Create an Organizational Hub

Each Chatnels account is a “hub”. When you sign up and create an account you are the Owner or Administrator of the hub. As the owner and admin, you will have access to invite members, add lines, set up app integrations, configure intent and flow bots, set up preferences, and handle the account and billing information.

Start by creating a Chatnels Organizational Hub.

  • Go to and click Get Started to create an account.
  • Submit an email and verify it with the 6-digit code.
  • Choose your display name and password.
  • Give your Hub a name and set up the hub’s URL.
  • Select between our Basic or Premium 30 day free trial plans.
  • Invite your teammates.

b. Joining multiple Hubs

You may have multiple Chatnels accounts if you belong to multiple hubs. In this case, you would use the Find your Chatnels Hub button at the top right of the Sign In screen. Input the relevant email address and choose the desired account. 


a. Set up your User Profile

We recommend that you set up your user profile before starting to use the app. The name and the profile photo you upload here is what others will see as your avatar.

  • Underneath your display name is the URL to your Direct Line where others can reach you at. Share it with others outside the organization for them to start a chat with you. 
  • Inside ‘Profile’, set your preferences for email and browser notifications. Enabling email notifications will allow you to receive emails and account updates from Chatnels. Enabling browser notifications will display desktop notifications onto your screen when events* and chat messages come into the line. 

*An example of an event would be if there is an incoming chat request from a guest, a conference invite from a team member or an incoming transfer to you. 

  • In the “Give Feedback” tab, this is where you can submit any comments, issues, or thoughts you have for the Chatnels team. Any feedback to help us improve the service is greatly appreciated.

b. Configure Direct Line

Each Chatnels user is given a personal line, also called a Direct Line. It’s like having your own phone line that others can reach you at. In this line, you can set up your contact information, availability and auto-messages. 

  • All your lines on Chatnels, including your Direct Line, will be listed in the Line Directory to allow members to start a chat with you, or for you to start a chat with others.
  • With a Direct Line, only you can answer chats (as opposed to a regular line where any host assigned in the line can answer the chat).

To configure, go to Configurations > My Direct Line.

c. Configure Lines


To facilitate other workflows, you may want to set up additional lines so members of your hub can help with answering chats related to their department or expertise.

These lines would roughly correspond to teams and meeting groups within your organization. For example, you may want a designated line for Sales and Marketing where external chats would come directly to those in the department. Or you may have an internal line for Human Resources or the IT Department, that other members can contact to ask questions or request IT help.


To configure, you must have the Administrator role. Go to Configurations > Lines > Create a Line. You can also Edit an existing line here.

d. Account Owner and other permissions

When a new account for your organization is created, the person who created the account is granted both Account Owner, Administrator, and Bot Trainer permissions.

A user you invite can be assigned any of these roles. If they do not have these roles, they are considered as members in your organization.


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  • Lines
  • Reports