Improve communication with an AI-powered chat platform

Maximize collaboration. Minimize redundancies.

Chatnels is built upon the concept of an AI chat platform that can simplify workflow communications and streamline transactions.

Chatnels makes collaborating around a task easier and faster. Easily integrate your business apps within the Chatnels platform as one convenient communication hub.

Key Features

Chat Line

Similar in behaviour to telephone lines, a Chatnels platform may be configured with multiple chat lines, equivalent to different group chats for different teams or projects. Participants may select a chat line to initiate a conversation. The chat starts in the “Incoming” state similar to “Ringing”. Digital assistants of the chat line may answer and engage the participant.

Chat Flow

It is easy to initiate a chat and bridge in collaborators whether inbound or outbound. Only the chat initiator, who is the chat host, and the chat line moderator may transfer the chat. All chat participants may conference additional participants into the chat line.

Digital Assistant

Every chat line can be configured with default auto-messages and auto-responses. Custom digital assistants may be added and integrated at enterprise level. Each line can have multiple digital assistants.

Chat Tools

Chatnels provides the following key user interface features:


Provides a directory listing of the individual chat lines and shared chat lines.


Contains all of the chat line users workflow conversations and notifications.


Admin users can setup the chat lines and preferences.


Provides usage analytics of the chat lines.

The right people for the right tasks

Transfer chats. Add participants. Escalate up the operational hierarchy. Minimize response wait time. Reduce time and get tasks done.

Easy access to all your connections

Find and communicate with all those involved in your business, anytime, anywhere.