Customizable Communications Hub

The future-proof way to stay connected.

Whether you’re tackling more online workflow, or looking for a chat solution – Chatnels has the essentials for communicating in the new landscape for businesses online.

Augmented Intelligence unlocks productivity and workflow effectiveness. Suited for any chat traffic or challenge, we are here to smarten your organization for communicating in a hybrid in-person and virtual world.

Key Features

Chat Line

Connect people to your communications hub. List your feed, availability, and generate a QR code directly to your line.​

Digital Assistant

Set up to greet, answer, and bridge conversations. Ask us for a Digital Assistant to suit your needs.

Compatible Apps

The tools you use already work with Chatnels. Start Zoom calls with one click, or answer questions directly in Slack.

Chat Functions

Tools that make your chats smarter.


Direct Lines give people immediate contact. Use a Smart Line for Auto-messages and shared chats.


Contains all your workflow conversations and notifications.


Set the lines to your own specifications. Assign roles to different users.


See chat usage analytics for your organization.

Take charge of communication.

Invite others, assign roles, and set up chat lines and preferences. View chat activity, all in one place.

Remove the headache of clutter.

Automate inbound requests, so you can focus on adding value. View active chats, and transfer communication to the right people.