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Our team came from an enterprise software development background with in-depth expertise in telecommunications, data privacy, big data, machine learning, and enterprise apps. We have broad experience in sectors relating to healthcare, financial services, utilities and consumer.


Chatnels provides a set of SDKs that simplifies UI integration and allows intents and events to be integrated with enterprise service components. The platform has a set of pre-integrated connectors such as Slack, RCS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twilio, etc. We will work with you to develop additional connectors so that you can make the most out of chatnels.


It is straight forward to configure the chatnels auto-attendant with auto-responses. You can easily create and train additional bots to predict intents and associated responses. We are here to help if you need custom bots and specialized services such as preparing training data, model evaluation and validation, and intent classifications.

Custom Integration Services

We have expert resources in system architecture, data modeling, UX interaction design, software development, quality assurance, DevOps, test automation, and project management. Our talented team can help with custom software development and integration services.