Seamless Integration

Bring tools into your workflow.

Uniting the best in class communications with software development expertise. Chatnels has a broad range of applications and can benefit many sectors relating to health, public safety, financial services, utilities and consumer markets.

Integration Services


We will work with you to develop connectors so you can make the most out of Chatnels. Chatnels provides a set of SDKs that simplifies digital assistant integration. Intents and events can be integrated with enterprise service components.

Digital Assistants

Easily create and train digital assistants. We are here to help if you need customized and specialized services such as preparing training data, model evaluation and intent classifications.

Custom Integration

Our talented team can help with custom software development and integration services. We have expert resources in system architecture, UX interaction design, software development, quality assurance, DevOps, test automation, and project management.

Compatible Apps

Slack Integration

  • Receive Slack notifications and updates without leaving Chatnels
  • Respond to Chatnels messages directly in Slack
  • Share Chatnels messages with your Slack team

Zoom Integration

  • Schedule and attend Zoom meetings directly through Chatnels
  • Receive Zoom notifications and meeting updates in Chatnels