Chat Bots

Configure your own bot personality customized to fit your organization’s brand and provide individuals with the information they need when they need it. 


What is an Auto Attendant?

  • Our Chat Bot’s default name is Auto Attendant.
  • Rename and customize your Auto Attendant’s name and avatar picture to fit your organization’s brand.

Auto-Messsages & Response Topics

  • Never miss any leads with 24/7 Auto-Attendants on standby.
  • Use our preset auto-topics and greetings to route customers to the right person or provide quick access to resources.
  • Apply auto-routing rules and logics with our custom bot builders

Intent Detection (Coming Soon)

  • Identify the meaning of client inquiries and offer relevant, tailored messages as responses.
  • Input a list of words and phrases to train a bot to detect client intentions using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.

What can you do?


  • Create conversational assessments or surveys customized toward specific purposes and topics.
  • Save time by gathering exact context and information before handing off to other administrators and personnel.
  • Avoid frustrations with chat transfers by keeping context intact, leaving out the need to repeat customer inquiries to an additional person.


  • Automate your FAQ page to improve your service delivery.
  • Provide answers and links with chat bots to help resolve common user queries.
  • Chat bots can pass off chats to human representatives for complex questions, saving you hours of responding to simple email and form requests.

Educative Bots

  • Use chat bots to answer questions relating to specific topics and address information gaps and misinformation on the internet.
  • Users can choose from a list of popular questions or browse specific topics.
  • Answer questions with trained intent bots or pass it onto a human representative for real-time chat.


  • Scale your messaging reach with announcements.
  • Broadcast important updates across your community feeds to give users accurate and real-time information.

Volunteer Application Process

  • Streamline your volunteer application process with chat bots.
  • Receive volunteer applications using bot assessments to gather general information and accept documents and files as needed.
  • Share information to volunteers by sharing links, images, and other content to educate volunteers about requirements.
  • Schedule interviews, training, and onboarding seminars.