Build a bot in minutes.
Zero code required.

One environment with everything you need to build, train, and deploy chatbots fast. 

Speed up development with a Flow Bot

Bot Configurator

Build Robust Workflows

  • Design directly on the platform
  • Drag, drop, and connect nodes to create logical flows and paths
  • Generate conversational assessments and automate repetitive tasks

Conversational Flows

Rule-Based Bots

  • Build multiple bots that answer your FAQ and client inquiries
  • Input vales, trigger action responses, and tag conversations
  • Route users towards resources or representatives with conditional logics 

Streamline Processes

Configure & Deploy

  • Assign your bots to specific inquiries or topics
  • Integrate with your business’ systems using webhooks
  • Configure and deploy bots on-demand, then assign them to your line and watch them go live