Manage workflow, engage customers and route communications to get tasks done

AI-powered chat messaging platform


Easily invite participants into a chat conference and bridge others into the workflow.


Direct inbound requests to the right people in your organization.


Seamless app integration and task automation with digital assistants.

AI-powered communications

Improve customer service. Optimize business processes.

Use chat line reports to get insights and help build strategies.

Smooth B2B & B2C

Chatnels helps organizations simplify workflow.

With user-friendly chat messaging, efficiently route communications to get tasks done.

Why AI?

Digital assistants makes your customer experience responsive, even when you are busy.

They will answer FAQs, fill forms, and check-in contacts.

System Architecture

A secured enterprise communications platform implemented with privacy by design. Chatnels can be hosted in the cloud and supports rules-based routing. It uses deep learning to improve intent prediction and automated responses.

Data Security & Privacy

Workflow communications all within one platform. Chatnels helps to increase system configuration flexibility, enforce task communication consistency and improve data privacy.