Is AI Creating Jobs or Replacing Workers?

Why do some people fear Artificial Intelligence? Is it because technology will become so advanced that humans are longer be needed? Is it because robots are going to take over the planet? Perhaps we’ve seen too many sci-fi movies because those are not realistic outcomes, at least not for hundreds, if not thousands, of more years in the future.

Experts agree that AI-automation advancements in the next 10 years will eliminate many jobs currently held by people, but AI will also create many more jobs. 

When describing how AI is entering the workplace, we can look back to other periods in history that brought about industry change. Consider the Industrial Revolutions or the dawn of the Internet. These are times when technological innovations resulted in certain types of jobs becoming obsolete. Times when new sectors and industries with more jobs were created.  

But we all want to know – Will my job be safe? 

Jobs most likely to be replaced by AI, according to research from the Forbes Technology Council are:

Jobs less likely to be impacted by AI and automation are those that require:

  • Creation and ideation
  • Conceptualization
  • Precise hand-eye coordination
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Complex strategic planning and management

Has COVID-19 accelerated the timeline for workplace automation? Many believe so. 

A survey of 1,000+ enterprise executives showed that 66% of organizations are accelerating moving their analytics to the cloud. And 64% are increasing investments in data platforms and analytics due to COVID-19. 

What are the drawbacks with implementing AI? 

It takes the inherently human element out of the equation.

The technology is not as high-quality as we believe. It cannot completely think and act with all the capabilities of human-powered support.

Customers can have a negative experience with a chatbot that was unable to properly assist them, and now they are angry.

Unless you are a large enterprise, implementing AI into your business is likely too costly to be a feasible solution. You also need to spend considerable time to train the AI and maintain its software updates.

AI saves us time and creates jobs.

It’s not all bad news. The benefits of AI and automation is that it saves us from having to do repetitive and tedious tasks. This gives us more time to focus on more complex work projects, or allows us to have more free time.

A PwC study reported that 60% of occupations can save 30% of their time with automation. And 54% of businesses have increased productivity after implementing AI.

Other advantages of AI: 

You can see long-term cost savings if you are trying to scale and grow your business. Provided you have the resources to implement and maintain the high-tech system.

Artificial Intelligence is the first line for customer support, which results in faster customer service so your customers are never left waiting.

Augment human-powered support. Keep your more expensive and creative human-powered team ready for more complex tasks. Don’t expend energy on repetitive or trivial questions and transactions.

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