Chatnels Team Chats COVID-19

We are in unprecedented times. The last few months have been challenging for all of us. But with reopening plans underway across Canada, we can begin the journey to return to normality.

Here’s what our Chatnel’s team members had to say about how COVID-19. How has impacted their jobs. Things they are looking forward to doing post-pandemic. And some of the accomplishments they have achieved during the last few months.

How has COVID-19 impacted your work?

“Team collaboration and communication has been challenging to accomplish while working remotely.” – Hannah, Marketing Manager

“More scheduled conference calls as many of the ad hoc conversations in the office are no longer possible.” – Colin, CEO

“I wake up every morning, elated, at being able to work every waking hour of the day.” – Edmond, Software Developer

“I found that working from home has allowed me to have more productivity in my work. There are fewer interruptions and I save on commute time.” – Nelly, QA Software Tester

“Commute-wise, the impact to day-to-day work has improved drastically as I can start working out of bed. However, it’s hard to gauge the end of the workday, as you can keep working past the required time. It’s mixing work and relaxation too much.” – Calvin, Software Developer

“​COVID-19 has impacted my day-to-day by marrying my work life and home life into one. The separation between work life and home life is not there. Before COVID-19, I could leave the office and feel relieved from the work problems until the next day. On the flip side, one of the advantages of being home is time saved during the commute. I save up to 90 minutes, leaving more downtime before and after work.” – Laurence, Software Developer

What is something you are looking forward to again after COVID-19?

“Being an extrovert, I miss the office chit-chat on Monday morning. The time when you catch up with co-workers and hear about their weekend plans.” – Hannah, Marketing Manager

“No more health risk. ​Priority before COVID-19 was just work. Health risks were not something we worried about, especially in a technology office environment.” – Colin, CEO

“ I have a co-worker who enjoys piling snacks on my table relentlessly. But now, I no longer have the liberty to angrily reprimand him anymore.” – Edmond, Software Developer

“I took for granted the face-to-face interaction at work. I really miss just walking over to a developer’s desk to reproduce a bug.” – Nelly, QA Software Tester

“Communication with co-workers, multiple monitors, and the feeling of a “work” environment.” – Calvin, Software Developer

“​I miss the convenience of having collaborative conversations with coworkers. There are times where it is easier to explain things in person. But putting thoughts into writing via Slack/email is not 100% straight forward. Technology has made leaps to bridge the gap in communication. But does not have the same “feeling” as being in the office with other people.” – Laurence, Software Developer

What positive changes have you noticed or accomplished during COVID-19?

“I’m hosting a weekly virtual fitness class. I started my summer internship. And I moved into a new apartment.” – Hannah, Marketing Manager

“I spend far less time commuting resulting in more time for other important things – whether work or personal. I’ve reduced office operating cost with minimal impact on productivity. I’m more focused on specific COVID tasks or projects.” – Colin, CEO

“I’ve gained extra time in the day not having to travel to work. And have reduced spending and saved money by not going out.” – Edmond, Software Developer

“I had time to go for evening walks with the family to get in some exercise and bonding time. We do more home cooking and eat together as a family more often.” – Nelly, QA Software Tester

“I have been exercising more at home. Reconnecting with old friends. And am becoming more educated in the ways of virus transmission.” Calvin, Software Developer

“I’ve learned a lot of new technologies (Kafka, Zookeeper, CDS Hooks, ​​. Setup VPN on my home PC to help debug ActionADE Production issues on the fly. And worked on Software Design Documentation and Diagrams.” – Laurence, Software Developer

At Chatnels, we have been collaborating with healthcare organizations to help our healthcare heroes interact with their patients during social isolation and physical distancing. Being responsive, supporting clients, sharing updates are more important than ever amidst this chaos.

Tell us how you and your business has been impacted by COVID-19.
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