5 Benefits of Chat Assistants

Chat assistants are increasing in popularity because of their ability to improve customer service and optimize business processes. Currently, digital assistants such as chatbots are integrated in many sectors such as e-commerce, telecommunications, law, finance and healthcare.

Consumers are adopting non-human chat as part of normal business interactions. Once you arrive on a website, you can often notice a chat assistant pop-up asking “how can I help you?”. And we are all familiar with chat messaging services like Facebook Messenger and Slack that have chatbots.

There are still some skeptics out there that see chatbots more of a foe than friend. A pwc study states otherwise, with 64% of workers thinking that AI would offer employees more opportunity and free them from menial tasks.

Here are some other benefits of using chatbots:

1. Constant Customer Support

Your AI team member, just like any new employee needs to be trained, but once they’ve been integrated and onboarded they can be at your customers beck and call 24/7. Chatbots don’t take any lunch breaks, sick days or even sleep!

2. Save Money

Having a digital team member chatting to your customers is cheaper than human personnel. No hiring costs, benefits or vacation pay needed.

3. Save Time

Programmed to immediately respond to simple and complex questions, chatbots save you time from repetitive customer queries like “what are your opening hours today?” And they can direct the customer to the correct department based on their inquiry.

4. Positive Interaction

Having a chat assistant is convenient and generates a better experience for the customer – no more waiting on hold for hours or travelling through numerous people at a call centre.

5. Always Learning

Chat assistants have great memory! This is because they remember their conversations and learn from them. So they can improve their service to better service the needs of your customers and your business. Bonus – you can also use this stored data for analysis and reporting which enables you to make more informed decisions.

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