On-Demand Service
Messaging Platform

Streamline engagement across the customer experience continuum.

Chat Management Tools

What are Lines?

  • Lines help you organize chats into designated topics or departments
  • Direct Lines are each team member’s Personal Line where chats can be initiated or transferred to directly

What are Hosts?

  • Assign members of your team as Hosts to view Line chats as a team
  • Hosts can handle the assignment of incoming chats on a Line they are assigned to

Chat Manager

  • Seamlessly collaborate with your team for complex inquiries by inviting them into chat sessions on-the-fly
  • Save chat context in one place using chat transfer for painless customer hand-offs

Inbox Manager

  • Avoid agent collision and inbox confusion by monitoring chat statuses to prioritize urgent interactions
  • Track how engagements are going and transfer chats to the right person for the right tasks

Reports & Analytics

  • Track team chat usage and make data-driven decisions
  • Identify optimization opportunities and enhance workflow efficiency with a detailed reports dashboard

Augmented Responses

Auto-Messages & Response Topics

  • Never miss any leads with 24/7
    Auto-Attendants on standby
  • Use our preset auto-topics and greetings to route customers to the right person or provide quick access to resources
  • Apply auto-routing rules and logics with our custom bot builders

Intent Detection
(Coming soon)

  • Identify the meaning of client inquiries and offer relevant, tailored messages as responses
  • Input a list of words and phrases to train a bot to detect client intentions using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing

App Integrations

  • Initiate Zoom calls on-demand without leaving Chatnels
  • Bring all your tools into one centralized hub with the help of our technical experts