Switchboard for
Connected Enterprises

chatnels is an augmented intelligence switchboard to help simplify workflow communications. Chatnels provides auto-assisted responses and routing of conversations to connect both internal and external collaborators.

System Architecture

Chatnels is a secured enterprise communications platform implemented with privacy by design. Using containerized micro-services architecture, Chatnels can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premise. The platform supports rules-based routing for workflow task communications, as well as deep learning for improved intent prediction and automated responses.

Simple Integration

Chatnels provide robust frontend and backend software development kit to make it simple to embed into enterprise applications or integrate with existing service components.

Data Security & Privacy

By providing a unified workflow communications layer, Chatnels helps to increase system configuration flexibility, enforce task communication consistency, and improve data privacy.

Bot-routed conversations
and assigned tasks

Get your auto-attendant bot to screen all

incoming inquiries. They can route and 

assign conversations to the right teams/individuals for handling specific situations.

The right handler for the right inquiries

Forward and transfer conversations, route communications through teams or individuals. Escalate up the operational hierarchy, and minimize response wait time. Add collaborators, reduce time to get tasks done.

Predict intent and
automate responses

Train your bots to understand and predict customer intents. Teach them to help you

provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Easy access to all
your connections

Find and communicate with all those involved in your business, anytime, anywhere.