Direct Chat Lines

Route incoming chats directly to business front desks and support teams.

Auto-Attendant Bots

Automatically answer common questions and help direct chat conversations.

Channel Walls

Broadcast postings and updates to keep customers up to date.

  • Channel Access

    Channels can be set as Public or Unlisted. Public channels can be found by anyone. Unlisted channels are only accessible to those with the channel URL link.

  • Line Access

    Lines can be set as Open or Private. Open lines do not require customers to sign in to initiate chat. Private lines require customers to sign in.

  • Line Intercom

    Each line has an intercom for internal group chat between line members and chat bots. Use the Intercom to setup the Auto-Attendant Bot.

  • Chat Status

    Customers connect to a line to initiate chat. A chat is initially set as Pending. Once a line member grabs the chat, the chat status changes to In-Progress. After a line member or the customer closes the chat, the chat status is set as Closed.

  • Broadcast Updates

    Channel members can post notes, events, images, and videos to the channel wall. Wall items may connect to web links or other chatnels channels.

  • Connect Social Feeds

    Use the chatnels admin app to connect Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to the channel wall. We will never post anything to your social network accounts.

We use your email for account activation.