Auto-Attendant Chat

Auto-Attendant chat lines to help improve front desk customer communications.

Business Directories

Discover, search, and connect with businesses, people, and investors.

Reports & Analytics

Dashboards and advanced analytics about businesses in the directory.

  • Public Channels

    Public channels can be found by anyone. Unlisted channels are accessible to those with the channel URL link.

  • Private Channels

    Members-Only channels are limited to invited members.

  • Line Chat

    Customers connect to the channel chat lines to initiate private conversations with chat line members.

  • Intercom Chat

    Each chat line has an intercom for conversations between chat line members and the Auto-Attendant bot

  • Broadcast Updates

    Channel members can post notes, events, images, and videos to the channel wall. Wall items may connect to web links or other chatnels channels.

  • Connect Social Feeds

    Use the chatnels admin app to connect Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to the channel wall. We will never post anything to your social network accounts.

We use your email for account activation.